Our Team

Our Personable, Client-Focused Staff

At Seattle Vascular Surgery, we take pride in offering individualized patient care, transparent communication, and direct doctor-patient interaction. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the very best vascular care and we consider it an honor to be part of your treatment process.


Mai Nguyen

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Price.

Kelly Price

CS, Clinic Supervisor


Jason Lee.

Jason Lee

Medical Assistants

April Howard.

April Howard

MA-C, Medical Assistant Certified

Ivan Estrella

R-MA, Registered Medical Assistant

Kenny Phung.

Kenny Phung

R-MA, Registered Medical Assistant

Patient Coordinators

Cynthia Chinn

Cynthia Chinn, SC

Surgery Coordinator

Natalie Ha, MRO

Medical Record Officer

Judy Le.

Judy Le, PSR

Patient Service Representative

Christopher Watrous.

Christopher Watrous, SC/R-MA

Surgery Coordinator, Registered Medical Assistant

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